Royalty Reminders: Our Spring Crush


Royalty Reminders: Birth of a Queen

Let your jewelry be your reminder!


Nefertiti is arguably the most powerful woman to ever live. She embodied beauty, strength and power. King Akhenaten ruled Egypt during one of the most prosperous times in Egyptian history.

Together he and Nefertiti ruled with grace. Their loving relationship was always the driving force of their reign. Even after  the death of King Akhenaten Queen Nefertiti controlled the throne.

The idea of this Roman Numeral dated pendant stems from a will to change perspective. In life we all face different challenges. Sometimes these challenges can cripple our dreams. During these times, understanding that we have to go within ourselves and gain the strength to push through.


You can do anything you put your mind to. Building the life you want to live starts with your mindset. Have the will to change your perception, everything else will follow.

Sometimes the smallest things can speak in volumes. Case in point, our Birth of a Queen & King jewelry line. We push the limit on the metals we use  when creating these masterpieces.

But, take our word for it, the detailing within these different designs will express so much more than what you may think.



Royal Queen Earrings 

We absolutely love an earring party with a personalized touch. The most eye-appealing jewelry are those pieces that stand for something with multiple earrings complimenting the focal point is the absolute way to go. If you don't have several piercings, having one is more than enough for this timeless earring.

Of course you can get the everyday pair of hoop earrings or butterfly studs. Or maybe you could get the natural pearl studs in remembrance of that incredible trip that you took to Hawaii! These are all great alternatives, but our Queen earrings make a powerful statement that stands a lifetime. 

When we started the Queen Earrings line, we created them to help women across the world to have a better understanding of their inner strength.

Understanding the importance of your own individuality and the power within is half the battle. As we go about our daily lives, a reminder of who you are, that quiets the negative self-talk is the essence of why these earrings were created. 

Whether you wear one pair or layer up studs with hoops, we salute your incredible style.

Royal Hieroglyphic Sentiments


~ It is time to pick up your crown, Become a better you ~

Have you ever owned something that everyone stops and stares when they come in contact with it. Some people get compliments on their car, dog, Christmas lights, watch etc. Well, this timeless hieroglyphic pendant is sure to be the topic of conversation.

For women the symbols represent the essence of a Queen and for men a King. Our sole objective in creating this line is to build self-love for those who drape themselves with a piece of ancient history.

One of the things we find most intriguing about the hieroglyphic King & Queen pendant is that it breathes life into other pieces when layered with it. 

 Dare to become a better you. You have one life, Live it!


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