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Personalized Jewelry

We continually work to provide our clientele with the best new jewelry styles. We present this first quarterly update for 2022 to show you a few new products available now at Gulf Coast Jewelz.

3X the Love: Holy Trinity Bracelet

A symbol of eternal love. The Holy Trinity Bracelet is a timeless and classic style that is extremely versatile. Not only are they the ideal gift for any mother, they also are delightful silhouettes that radiate on anyone!

Honoring Heritage: There is Power in Your Name

Necklaces with names, such as “Nicole,” “Queen,” “Worthy”, and “Mama” are often gifted to a loved one so they can cherish the name they were given through birth. However, these pieces are also a great way of personally honoring those loved ones. For example, rather than gifting a petite mama script necklace to a mother, consider getting a personalized name plate for yourself. It does not have to be your name, but it can be something that resonates with you. Self love and care is important and people across the country should do more of it.

 Personal Memento Jewelry

Ash Holder's, picture jewelry

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